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Practical Help

From a husband and father of five...

"Margaret and her family came alongside our family during a very challenging time. Our youngest child had a serious accident that required extensive medical support and hospitalization, while at the same time my wife was recovering from multiple surgeries. During those months, and with our five young children underfoot, Margaret literally managed every facet of our busy household with grace and compassion. The service her family showed to our family went beyond the practical support, which included preparing meals, tackling mountains of laundry, assisting our children with homework, organizing paperwork, advocating for medical support, obtaining legal advice and even home repairs.  Her encouragement and Biblical guidance were engrained in every task and chore. She was literally the hands and feet of Jesus in our home. The impact of Margaret and her family's ministry in our home and on our family continues beyond the months they spent ministering to us. We are a stronger family in Christ because of the time she and her family devoted to serving our family."

From an adult MK...

"I met Margaret when I was just 14 years old and have had the joy of knowing her for almost 40 years. She has walked with me through life's ups and downs and has been one of the most influential people God has ever put in my life. Her giftings and ability to love passionately, listen and care deeply, and not be afraid to speak the truth when it needs to be heard with humility and grace, make her perfect for the calling God has had and continues to have on her life - to deeply love hurting people and be the hands and feet of Jesus. If ever there was a need for someone with Margaret's giftings in a hurting world, it is now. I am blessed and privileged to call her 'friend.'"

From a young wife and mother of three...

"The first time I met Margaret, she embraced me with a mother’s hug, as if she’d known me for years. During each visit and conversation she has been a support, an encourager, a prayer warrior, and full of valuable information I have leaned on, from Bible passages to health advice. She is a true nurturer. When I think of Margaret, I think Mary and Martha wrapped into one person. She’s a wonderful host and she has a way of really listening when someone speaks. True compassion, grace, gentleness and Jesus’ love."

From an MK...

"Thank you for your time, stubborn love, frankness and honesty, for not catering to my whims and selfishness, and at the same time allowing God to use you to help me grow. Your love and friendship really encourage me, your willingness to help out at any hour, and all the time that you invest in my life."

From an adult MK...

"How many people do you know who listen, really listen? How many people do you know who listen, really listen with care, compassion and love, and live to minister to and bless others? Margaret is just that person. I met her 39 years ago when I was in high school and envious of the girls who got to be in her dorm and call her 'Aunt Margaret', and am grateful today that I can call her a listening friend."

From a widow & mother of three young children...

"You are such a kind and precious gift to me from our good Father as I fight for the truth of my identity in Christ; for the healing and abundant life that He wants and paid for. You bring so much wisdom and understanding. It was so great to work through some of my needs as a widow and hear you validate them. There's such healing in that."

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